Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Kiwis: Can They Upset the Aussies Again???

The annual Anzac test is almost ready to get under way with the World Champions and the Four Nations champions, “The Kiwis” taking on a hungry Australian side. The Kiwis selection of players are more picked for defensive. I would also choose a defensive side with the Aussies choosing a very offensive team.

The Kiwis have chosen the likes of Simon Mannering, Sam Rapira and Ben Matulino all from the Warriors!!! The forwards for the Kiwis will be a big factor if the Kiwis want to win! Our forwards are one of the little ways that we can beat these very good Australians. We have chosen a variety of forwards, Sam Rapira, he is a very reliable forward who makes outstanding metres from his spectacular charges down the field. Fui Fui Moi Moi, he will also be another big factor in this Kiwi side. Stephan Kearny will surely use him properly as he can create big turning points for his side.
The Kiwis have also chosen a very fearsome back row. Jeremy Smith, Bronson Harrison and Adam Blair. All very well known players in the League world. But the one of the biggest factors would have to be have the current best player in the world playing in your team, Benji Marshall. He will be absolutely crucial to what will happen on the night. It’s a case of if he turns up on the night. I’m sure that he can lead our Kiwis to yet another victory. Let’s all support the boys as they bravely take on Australia in the Gold Coast. There playing this week on Friday. COME ON KIWIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Tigers Have A Buy this week!)

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