Thursday, December 1, 2011


Just this week our school's Intermediate athletes were given the oppurtunity to compete with the best of the best in the Eastern zone. We did exceptionally well to break three records and many more placings. We won all of the running relays and broke a record for one of them! Check this clip out to see just a snippet of how well our school did on the day!


Mr Tele'a said...

Awesome Tanielu and awesome Pt England! Its amazing to think that this is Pt England Schools first year as a full intermediate with Y7s and Y8s and yet we have enjoyed SO much sucess across a wide range of sports against other well established Y7 and Y8 schools and their sports programmes. Why don't you post about all of the sucess the Senior sports teams have had this year...or are there too many to remember? You really have set the benchmark for future Y7 & 8s representing Pt England. I know there are still a few more zonal tournaments coming up so go hard as the opportunities you and the other Y8s have to represent the mighty red and blacks are soon going to come to an end. Make the most of whatever opprtunities you have left in the school colours. Strive to Succeed!!

mum said...

Well done to you and your athletics team! Tanielu, you and your peers have a very excited bunch of younger PES students who have been motivated by the fantastic results in all our sporting events over years now. It's true - you never know when someone is watching. You have all done amazingly well in the different areas of school. Pray that this new year will bring more opportunities for you all to develop and progress even further in the exciting futures that lie ahead for you all. Also blessings upon all at PES who been instrumental in your progress so far. All the best on your journey to awesomeness. We're here to help you on your way. Alofa tele, ma ia saga faamanuia atu le Atua ia te oe ma ou taumafaiga. xxx

Anonymous said...

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