Monday, February 23, 2009

World Cup at Pt England Primary

Last Friday at assembly, guess what came?????? THE RUGBY LEAGUE WORLD CUP!!!!

A man named Keith came to our school. Keith was part of the Auckland Rugby League Society. He is the PR .PR stands for public relationship. That means taking things that are special to Rugby League out into the public. Everyone was so excited that their eyes puffed up like big bowling balls as they saw the cups shiny light soar through the hall. The cup was like a fragrance. It lit up the room as it glittered.

Keith introduced himself and the cup with a speech of his own. Then we saw this totally awesome video clip that was out together for us. Everyone in the audience was amazed and made sounds. The music went really well with the footage and excitement of the game.

Everyone was was fascinated by the game, for example when Manu Vatuvei shoulder barged Billy Slater, every one said ''OOOOOOHHHH!!!!!!!!'' Everyone was AMAZED!!!!!


Mrs T said...

Hi Tanielu. Like you I absolutely loved having the world cup at our school the other week. It was neat to hear that Keith, the gentleman who brought it out to us grew up in Glen Innes and played league for the local club.

This club was the GI Falcons. Did you know that our very own Mrs Welsh was one of the founding members of this local league club? I think an elderly lady of our community - Bernie was also part of the founding body!

It's so neat that men and women have helped shape the community we now live in.

I hope you are still having a lot of fun sharing your stories and ideas through your blogs.

Malo Tanielu

Travis said...

I like your illistrations, that sounds exciting!

Sean said...

nice i like the story it must have been exciting