Friday, February 13, 2009

My Holidays

WHOOOSH!!! As I went down the speedslide at the Waiwera pools. My family and I went to Orewa for a holiday. We stayed there for three whole days. It was fun and exciting. We were lucky because we stayed in a house that was right across the road from the Waiwera pools!

When we were at Waiwera we saw many slides that looked like fun. My dad and I went on the fastest slide. It was called the Speedslide . As we got into the line the guard was watching us. I said to my dad ''Lets go on the count of three'' '' ONE, TWO .... AND THEN I WAS OFF! I cheated by letting go of the bar on the count of two. My dad caught up anyway and when we were nearly finished he said ''Laters !'' Then we splashed into the water. My dad won just buy a second.

Then we went to where my mum was. She was in the hot pool or should I call it the...... MOVIE POOL!!! The movie pool is where you can watch movies, but in a hot pool. AND DO I MEAN HOOOOOTTT pool!

After we got out of the MOVIE POOL we went to where we sat, and packed up and went home.


Ms Squires said...

Hi Tanielu,
I am so pleased you are continuing with your blog this year and I'm sure all your avid readers around the world are too. It was great to hear your impression of trip to Waiwera as I had already read Toreka's story of your same holiday. Both were really interesting stories. I wonder if you might be able to show Toreka how to add a photo of Waiwera to her blog like you have done as it makes your post so much more interesting for your readers. Don't forget to tell her about leaving the acknowledgements as to where you got your photo from. Think you may have forgotten to do that unless I just missed it.
Anyway great to read your story. Keep it up and good luck for tomorrow with presenting to T.V. One.
Ms Squires

Jordans said...

Hey Tanielu nice story about the pool's man that was a big pool how deep is it feel like jumping into it. Hey do they have a diving pool that's my favourite thing for pool's Diving.
from jordan.s

Seini Mino and Toreka said...

Hi Dan!
Seini- Mino speaking! That was fantastic they even have a speed slide! Toreka speaking now! I'm quite happy that Dad beat you because I never won on any thing in my entire life because of you !

Well done Dan keep up the good work! From Mino and Reka!