Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kiwi Sports Award Night

On the night of the 3rd of February on TV 1 we had the annual New Zealand Sports Awards evening.

Well I was really interested in the 'Team of the Year' award. I thought that the Kiwis would get it, they were nominated alongside the double skull champions - Ever-Swindell twins, the All Blacks?? and the cycling team.

Shockingly - Ever-Swindell twins won. Even though they are a great team of two, I think that the New Zealand Kiwi Team deserved the award. I think they should have won it because they have made history. As for the twins, they have made history too ... it was expected. As for the Kiwis it is their FIRST time ever - which is pretty special and stands out.

With the Ever-Swindell twins people all around the world expected them to win gold. But the Kiwis surprising win was not expected by many people so makes it so much more bigger and greater!!

I am not doing this just because I am a league fan but because I love sport and think that this time the Kiwis earned this award. Twins you are fantastic - but this time the Kiwis are number one.



Manaiakalani said...

You have expressed you opinion very well Tanielu. I just wonder if the twins achievement was greater because all around the world I suspect more people do rowing as a sport than league and that may be why they won. I wonder if there is any information on the internet about this? I am pretty sure more countries have rowing than league anyway. This would mean the twins beat more countries than the kiwis did.
Perhaps I am just supporting the sistas!
Mrs Burt

sylvia said...

Hey Tanielu your story is great you really must of worked hard. You added some really interesting bits I wish I can write are story like that.Oh and I think your story is cool and interesting.By sylvia