Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Soap Derby Competition

On Sunday the 22ND of March Point England Primary entered the Soap Box Derby competition at the Stone Fields. It was totally awesome!! There were lots of other schools that were competing to get into the Regional racing competition of New Zealand.  We came 2nd overall and now have qualified for the regionals. If we win this we could go to AMERICA!!

Our first race was against Sacred Heart College,our first driver was Cruz Ona Sue. He won by at least a few meters (even though they are a college!!) Our top sponsor was KORKOR it is a digital two way Radio. They gave us these high quality radios that were just like Walkie- Talkies which was pretty cool - compared to other schools we looked very flash with our two way radios, they even gave us a Sausage Sizzle. It was absolutely DELICIOUS- because it had  Onions and cheese and sauce and.....well you get the idea!!  It was also for all our supporters like our families and friends.

I was part of the pit crew,in the pit crew you do some final touches on the car and you transport the car to places. It was pretty tiring but it was worth it because we got an award..... Our drivers were Tevita F, Shontal S,Cruz S,Jacob L and Nathaneil T. 

All of our drivers did really well they all had a great time. We had won 13 out of 14 races which is pretty good.   After we had finished all the races it was time to have the awards.  We picked up FOUR trophies.  They were for:
1. Runners up for the fastest race 
2. Best designed car
3. Best pit crew
4. Fastest driver - Jacob

We need to say thank you to Mr Jacobsen, Mr Molloy, our parents and supporters, the entire PES driving team and of course our top sponsor Korkor!!  You are all fantastic people! Im looking forward to the North Shore Regionals!! 
Come along and support us in about two weeks time(April the 6th).


Manaiakalani said...

Great recount Tanielu.
I was amazed at how many trophies you guys brought back to school. But now I hear that you got food and gadgets and other treats as well. It sounds like it was a fantastic event to be part of and even if you don't get to go to America you will be able to add racing car crew to your sports CV!
Mrs Burt

MrJ said...

It really was a great day Tanielu and you guys thoroughly deserve the Best Pit Crew trophy. You were awesome. All five of you worked harder and longer than many adults I know! It was your hard work that gave our drivers that winning edge. Now let's go take the Nationals!

MrT said...

Hi Tanielu.

I agree with MrJ's comments, the pit crew were absolutely tremendous!!
Your hard work and commitment to looking after the car and getting it ready in between races, allowed our drivers to relax and focus on the actual driving.
A real team effort!
Did you see the article in yesterdays East & Bays Courier?
There is a mention of Team PES Racing. The race director mentioned how Pt England School stood out "for their great attitude and organisation."
Your school and community should feel extremely proud of all of you!

Go Team PES!!

(Click on my name below for the link to the East & Bays Courier article)