Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Burger King...was Burger King really the top of the list for most favourite meal?? The Pt England extension group were investigating what the favourites were for this group. We had lots of fun finding out things we didn't know about our friends and classmates.
First of all we were given a task to somehow come up with an interesting way to show the favourites of this group. It was fun because we heard some very weird types of food from the students. We discovered that the things that we like more were sugary and fatty things (Obviously!).

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Manaiakalani said...

That is a very interesting thing to find out Tanielu. I must say that I thought it would be KFC! I really can't believe that people would prefer BK over a bbq, a hangi or even a roast dinner. I suppose it makes life easy for the cooks if that is what the kids want to eat, but it is not very good for our health is it? Were you pretty disgusted like I was last night at the Home School partnership when Sione brought along that fat suit for us to try on? It made me think about what I eat when I saw that.
Mrs Burt