Thursday, April 2, 2009


For the year five and six extension throughout this term we have been focusing on a Global Project on the Internet called ''Rock Our World''. It's when kids from all over the world focus on the same topic. One time we focused on the sun,the extension group decided to come up with a movie based on a mythical story based in New Zealand it was ''Maui And The Sun''.

We were also focusing on a food Pyramid,a food pyramid is a basic graph that shows what is good or bad when we eat. In one of my other blogs I talked about what the extension liked the most in the food Pyramid we all looked at the food pyramid and found out our most favourite foods came from the fatty section,our main favourite was "Burger King".

We also had to come up with some recipes that had to do with''Banana,Rice, Potato,appetizers, ur favourite foods,and of course Desert. We have had fun coming up with some recipes. Some recipes that the extension group brought sounded delicious and tasty. We are all excited for this global project of Rock Our World!! R.O.W ROCKS!!!!!!!!

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