Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dino Might!

Today was the first day of Term two, which meant there was an immersion assembly. The topic of the new term is 'Dino-Might'. We call it Dino-Might because the topic is about dinosaurs. We had an odd looking fellow drop in. His name was "Cracker the Cave Man".

He was from the pre-historic times. You could tell by the way he was dressed, with a funny looking hair-style, an animals fur for clothing, and last of all, he had a humungous club in his hand. It was for killing things so that he could eat.

We also had another pre-historic creature come too and his name was "Pterdactal Man". He looked like a part dinosaur, part man and part bird. Cracker the cave man tried to slay the Pteradactal man, but he was too good for Cracker the cave man.

The teachers had some cool and interesting items to share with us. I enjoyed watching Team Two showing their groovy dino dance. They were twirling, spinning and bobbling all over the place like people with thorns on their backs.

I am looking forward to studying about different dinosaurs and their names. So far I've learnt that dinosaurs were on Earth more than 200 million years ago and that humans have only been around for less than half a million years.


Manaiakalani said...

Great recap of the immersion assembly Tanielu. You truly captured the flavour of the event and gave us a little bit of extra information about dinosaurs as well. Well done.
Mrs Burt

Toreka said...

Hi Tanielu. Great story! I too, think that Cracker The Cave Man was an odd fellow! Some times I wish I could go back in time and see a real dinosaur! Well that's all from me!


Mum said...

Hello Tanielu

This is a very good recount Tanielu! I think the way you have described the different people (especially Mr Cracker) and parts of our immersion assembly is great!

Good on you for already learning some interesting facts about these amazing creatures that lived millions of years ago!

Keep up the great work Tanielu, I am proud of you.