Monday, April 6, 2009

My First Game Of The Season

On Saturday last week I had my first Rugby League game of the year. Even though I am still ten and I am turning eleven this year,I am playing for the Mount Wellington Warriors Under 12s!!!

Our match was against the North Coat Tigers we played at our home ground which was ''Thompson Park" The North Coat Tigers are from the other side of the Harbour Bridge and they still came to play against us.

We were getting ready for the game,were in the changing rooms and we were given our Positions. I was in the first thirteen.  I started at Second Rower. I was in the first thirteen.  After calling out the positions we did a few warm ups to make our body prepared for the big game.

As we walked onto the field we saw giant people waiting for us to line up and stare at them. There was this one taller then all of them and his number was thirteen he was humungus, he looked as ferocious as a dinosaur!!

After a long and tough game we came out with a win 16-4.  We got four tries and they got one we didn't get any of their conversions though!!  Well that was a hard and rough game.


Tyler said...

From Tyler

Wow Tanielu it must of been a hard game did you get any tries.

Mr Webb - Waikato said...

What a wonderful, vivid recount that you wrote Tanielu. I liked hearing about how big the other team was and the fact that you described one as humongous! The way that you wrote is a big credit to yourself. Just imagine if you could one day play for the Warriors, or even the Blues. Both teams need something special at the moment.
Mr Webb, Melville Intermeidate, Hamilton, Waikato.

Etta said...

What are wonderful recount that you wrote tanielu.I liked how you describe one as HUMONGOUS!.Its cool that you guys won on your guys first game against Holy Cross.YES!.

From Etta

Maria Kimmons said...

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