Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hamish Cambpell Paleontoligist Video Conference!

On Wednesday the 3rd of June the Point England Extension Group had a very special Video Conference with a New Zealander who is a Paleontologist and his name is Hamish Campbell. We spoke with him in one of our Brand-New buildings. There are three new buildings and they all have names.

He told us lots of things about how Dinosaurs became extinct and about a few people who found bones a very long time ago!! He also motioned that they used special rocks to identify how long these rocks were here for. If they were there millions of years ago then that would give them a kind of clue to their research on different types of fossils. He also told us that Paleontologists believe that when it was the time of extinction only animals that weighed under 25 kgs survived, and the rest all died and the animals that were still alive were mostly mammals.

It was great talking to him he said that we could Conference him any time because he really liked talking to us!!!


Mrs L said...

Hi Tanielu

How lucky are you to meet with a real paleontologist. It sounds like you found out some useful information that you could add to your E-learning project.

Thank you for posting this blog, now other students who were not at the video-conference can read and learn about some of the facts that you have mentioned. Well done.

Mrs Lagitupu

Anonymous said...

Hi Tanielu
Today I was at a course where Mrs Burt was telling us about your awesome blog. I have spent some time reading some of your posts tonight. I am really impressed with all of your writing. You have expressed your ideas clearly and you really invited me to watch the league video when you said, "Check it out!"
Thanks for sharing parts of your
life with everyone.
Good luck with your rugby league.
I am going to show your blog to some of the children at our school!
Good luck for the rest of the year!

Mrs G