Saturday, June 27, 2009

Thanks for the memories Michael Joseph Jackson

One of the most saddest things that has happened in the entire Music History if not the most saddest thing that has ever happened in Music history was "The death of Micheal Joseph Jackson" On June the 25th 2009 at he died at the age fifty. The King of Pop himself died of a heart attack. He was meant to make a return to his Original ways in England to show that he still has the spark or should I say the goodness in him.

Lot's and I mean a lot of people felt for him - some cried, others went into shock. At the moment on lot's of different Channels on TV they are playing special Tributes to him to remind us what about what he has done. Most of the music videos that I have watched are about encouraging people to do things for themselves and other people, you know like Heal the world, Man in the Mirror, Black Or White...AND his many other songs that are awesome in  singing , dancing - amazing amazing talent and may the list go on!! No one comes near him. 

The movie posted is of me and my Sunday School class performing thriller at our talent quest this year.  It has Cruz, Helen, Toreka, Jacob and Moses from school as well. We liked learning his moves.  We won - thanks Michael.


Mrs L said...

Hi there Tanielu

Good to see you still posting your thoughts and comments. I agree that his death is one of the saddest things that has happened to the music industry. He was such an amazing person. That's probably why tributes about him are all over the news, t.v., internet etc.

Thriller is still my favourite song and music video. What's your favourite? Also, what a cool clip that you have added! Was that Mr T dancing? Justus had some cool moves too!

Well done Tanielu

Mrs Lagitupu

Manaiakalani said...

Hi Tanielu, I am very pleased to see you writing a memorial post for Michael Jackson, as I agree with you - he was such a huge part of the music industry. Where would our dance parties be without him? I remember teaching when he first did his moon walk and at the school social ALL the kids were doing his moves (how old that makes me!.
I really enjoyed your movie you posted too.
Mrs Burt

SummerlandPrimaryR4 said...

That was so cool! I loved it make sure you keep dancing we all loved Michael J, He was the Mantis of Square pantis Master of Disaster, He was 'The King of Pop'....R.I.P MJ 1958-2009

SummerlandPrimaryR4 said...

WOW I am very impressed yet again with your thoughts. I am quite overwhelmed with the youngsters that have been posting their thoughts on the King of Pop - he was a legend of our time and I am truly saddened as well by his passing. It is great to see people still celebrating his talents though - loving you guys thriller dancing - awesome!!!!!!
Miss C

jimmyf said...

Hi Tanielu,
I've just read the article in Idealog magazine about PES and it mentioned your blog. Very cool so had to check it out for myself. Love the fact that you are now commenting on events as well as blogging on what you have been upto at school. Keep it up.
BTW Is that your dad dancing in the talent quest clip?
Mr Fletcher

Mauina said...

HEY Tanielu you really are shaking does moves I noticed Helen in there dancing with the gang as well....



Ngaina said...

Hi there Tanielu

Congrats to your team for having the confedients to show your Michael Jackson moves . you guys have some pretty funky grovy moves there wow!!! ! a big did you guys have a dancing comp or a ceromony or somthing like that? any way well done!


Tracey said...

Hey Tanielu

what great clip.Hey I just notice Helen Tui was in the show.That was awsome Thriller is still my favourite song what your favourite song? so well done and keep up great work.

Athena said...

Hey Tanielu

That was a cool clip of the thrilla dance I liked it because it was funny.