Saturday, June 27, 2009

Warriors V'S Titans

Man Warriors what is going on? I mean first of all you had all the ball possesion in the game and you wasted all of it. Second of all the New Super and I mean Super - Star Kevin Locke the youngest in the team had to do all the work in fact, he saves THREE tries, kicked two goals and to me he was the player of the day! (Well to be precise Player of the Night!!)

I continually heard the Australian commentaters say 'The Warriors are capable of...." or "Have the potential to......" I say enough Warriors it's simply the time to show your stuff!
Warriors need the wins to keep themselves in hope of getting into the top eight. I hope that the Warriors can win their next match in round 17 against "THE BRISBANE BRONCOS" Now that the Broncos have their Queensland key players back. The Broncos will be looking for their first win in about three matches!

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Warriors Fan said...

HI Tanielu.

Well I wonder if the Warriors will be able to do better against the Broncos than they did when they played earlier this year. I remember your post earlier in the year describing the Broncos team as HUGE and a game where big mescles DID matter! One things for sure is the Warriors need to start winning games so they can make the finals. It is going to be hard though against the Broncos who will be playing at home and will have all their Queensland State of Origin stars playing.

Come on the Warriors!!
Keep the FAIth