Wednesday, August 5, 2009


"WOW WHAT AN AWESOME EXPERIENCE!!" Today on the 4th of August the Point England Primary school extension group all had an amazing video conference with a Paleontologist/Geologist Hamish Campbell!! We had such an amazing chat with him . By the way have you heard about the MASSIVE EARTHQUAKE that happened in New Zealand? Well if not it was on July the 16th in the South island in fact it was in Fiorldland a small place in the South Island.

As he explained to us how and why an earthquake is created we were so amazed that all of our mouths nearly dropped on the ground like a RAIN DROP!!! We were also amazed that this Earth Quake in New Zealand was the BIGGEST EARTH QUAKE IN 80 years - THAT'S RIGHT 80 YEARS!!

Did you know that an earthquake travels at least 20,000 km PER HOUR!!! That is like Super Sonic ,ULTRA,MEGA,DELUXE SPPPPPEEEEEEDDDDDDDD!!! In fact it is 5 times faster than a Bullet!! It was so hard for me to take in - that an Earthquake went that FAST!! So that is why we cannot track when an Earthquake is about to happen!

Hamish also told us about how an earthquake is actually caused.  It is actually caused by big GIANT THINGS called plates. See all of these plates are under the Water/Ocean/Sea and if they collide/hit/touch each other than it would cause an earthquake

We also got to make some home made Seismometers. I made mine with Moses and Blessing. They measure how big an Earthquake is. We showed Hamish our Seismometers and he was very impressed!! He said to us"Some of you might become scientists!!" We enjoyed talking to Hamish - once again we asked him if we could talk  again - Dianan Grace and Hamish said "Of course"


Mrs Tele'a said...

I can sense your excitement Tanielu - loud and clear!! I found it very interesting too. It's amazing how in a matter of seconds - little NZ makes headline news around the world - biggest earthquake in 80 years. The instruments that record the seismic waves are amazing! We are so fortunate to have opportunities to speak with experts like Hamish and Diana-Grace - technology rocks!
Keep up the good writing Tanielu.

Nga Kaituhi o PES said...

Wow I hadn't realised that the recent Earthquake was the biggest in 80 years - lucky it was centred down South. It is great to hear what you have been up to in Extension, it all sounds pretty exciting.
So what's next?
Looking forward to your next post.
Mrs Nua