Monday, August 17, 2009


Yesterdays game for the West Tigers against the Cronulla Sharks was absolutely magnificent!! That is some of the magical razzle dazzle I have seen the Tigers play in the entire year!! Benji Marshall playing his 100th game of NRL was amazing, He had rediscovered some of his most magical work ever. But It wasn't just him that stood out certainly not!!

It was also Tim Moltzen the skill full youngster that set up some amazing tries for the Tigers. He would side step, fend ,offload, and even break threw the big guys! Of course the Tongan Monster Taniela Tuiaki had an awesome game scoring THREE that's right people THREE tries to take him to the top of the try scoring ladder with 21 tries which means he has scored 84 points so far (Which also means that the Tongan Monster has broken the record for the West Tigers!! . And the Rough and tough Tiger Robbie Farah had aye great game. Getting aye quick platform from the ruck giving a try to Marshall and one to Tuiaki.

Their was also a youngster who made his debut for the first game and for the West Tigers his name is "Robert Lui" He made good breaks and a good grubber kick helping Blake Ashford getting across the line for a double. My most favourite try that the West Tigers scored was when "Beau Ryan" scored from a great long ball from Robbie Farah, I also liked the first try from the Tigers when Robbie Farah saw a big gap in the Sharks line so he picked up the ball from the ruck and ran to the gap, since the Sharks saw Robbie Farah coming a defender came to close the gap which was Robbie Farahs plan! Farahs plan to draw in aye player to make an even bigger gap for Marshall to get throuh! So he gave the ball to Marshall he was off he then passed it off to Tim Moltzen but they still had the Fullback to beat so Moltzen passed back to Marshall and Marshall went in to score the first TRY!!The Tigers next game is against the PARAMATA EELS man what a cracker Jack game that would be I guess who ever loses the next game is done for the season!! GO THE TIGERS RRRROOOOOAAAAARRRR!!!!!


Dad said...

Hey Tanielu.

I just read a really cool article about the new boy Robert Lui. When he found out he had made the 1st grade team, he rang his parents who thought that something was wrong. When he told them he was playing his 1st full NRL game, they started crying tears of joy! The father mentioned that when Robert was 3 years old, he gave him a little Brisbane Broncos football and said to him..." day your going to play in the NRL". Isn't that awesome? By the way...have you still got the Bulldogs ball I gave you when you were 3??

Mrs L said...

Hi Tanielu

Its always wonderful to read your posts. Sounds like you are still right into your league aye! Your writing is amazing to read and gave me a good sense of what happened in the game, which is just as well since I don't have much time to watch T.V. anymore. Keep up the good work.

Mrs Lagitupu

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