Monday, August 24, 2009

Point England X Country

Man what a retiring run that was!! Point England Primary just had there 2009 annual Cross Country. At our school we have teams for sports. One of the teams is called "Takitimu" And it's colour is "Yellow",their is also another team that is named "Matatua" there colour is "Green". There is also another team and there name is "Tainui" there colour is Blue (Which is my favourite colour). And another team called "Te Arawa" Which is Red

I am one of the leaders for Takitimu! (Yellow) Which meant that I had a big responsibility........ TO LOOK AFTER TAKITIMU. We cheer , we shout ,we scream , we do all kinds of crazy things to support our team colours!! When it was my turn for Cross Country I felt like I had so many Butterfly's in my stomach that my stomach wanted to explode like a Volcano!!! So then I was off!!

Over all I came 5th place which meant that I took the final spot to get into the school Cross Country Inter zones!!!!! Here are some short clips of me go hard out for the BEST TEAM EVER!! TAKITIMU!!!!! Ops I almost forgot I'm the guy wearing Yellow Tights!!


Mum said...

Fantastic run Tanielu! Given that heavy body of yours I think you did extremely well! Reading your post - your passion for Takitimu is strong! I also love the colour know why!
Keep the up the good work Tanielu. Not only in the classroom but out on the sporting fields too!
Malo lava

Mum said...

Remember...produce that sweet smelling fragrance in all you do.

Dad said...

Nice run Tanielu and nice tights as well....sort of...nah just kidding. Way to represent your house Takitimu. So did you follow the game plan I taught you last year?? Well done to finish 5th considering you would probably be one of the...bigger boys in Y6? The bigger you are the more oxygen you need to keep going and the more fatigued you become so well done! Good luck at the interzones. Now your going to be representing Pt England. So are you going to wear red tights this time??

Manaiakalani said...

Must say that those tights were a stand out - in the video footage I mean :) Great to see you going hard out in everything you do, including representing your house. Good luck with the next round where you get to represent the school.
Did I detect a hint from your Dad that he is going to shop for some red tights for you now?
Keep up the great reports
Mrs Burt

J Tito said...

I hope you thanked mum for borrowing her best tights Tanielu. Your loyalty to Takitimu is impressive. I too am passionate about supporting and encouraging team spirit. I was astounded by your run in the cross country relay, it reminded me of when I used to be fit, fast and young like you. Your determination to give it your best will serve you well in future endeavours and challenges - keep it up! Ms T

NZWaikato said...

The tights were pretty good I agree with Mrs Burt, but Tanielu, and I have been following your blog for over a year and half now, however I have seen other pictures of the cross country and someone was wearing a Waikato Jersey. That must be the coolest student at Point England School.
Mr Webb, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato.