Friday, September 24, 2010

Fiafia Night.......SPECTACULAR!!!!!

Just Last Term the kids of Point England produced a fantastic show with dance performances and singing. There were a lot of groups, they were all fantastic by the way.

The groups that I participated in were the Samoan group and the Kapa Haka group (Tangi Wai).
I loved the experience and I am hopeful that we can do it again. Here are some highlights from that wonderful night.


mum said...

Dan - I'm so happy that you were in both these groups. Being part of the kapahaka group is real special. It's such a good way to learn more Te Reo as well as develop more of an understanding of our Maori people. You performed very well in both groups. You look very confident and serious about it all. That's the way to go my boy! love mum...never know good practice for some NZ rep teams... : )

Nga Kaituhi o PES said...

You're right Tanielu - it was a spectacular night and you led the Samoan group by example. I loved watching you boys perform your Haka with such passion!
Keep being a great role model!!
Mrs Nua