Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Commonwealth Games Off To A Blazing Start!!

What a fiery start to the Commonwealth games with New Zealand winning a truck load of 17 Silver Medals along with 2 Gold Medals and 6 bronze medals.

The sport that I have really enjoyed watching so far is weightlifting. Just recently the island of Samoa have managed to win 3 gold medals all from Weightlifting which have all been won this weekend. Another amazing thing about this is that the people that won were all family. The surname is Opeloge with brother and sister Ele and Niusila managed to win by a long shot.

Watching these athletes compete in the games is amazing, seeing the best athletes in the world competing is something you do not want to miss!!

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mum said...

Good to see you posting on the Commonwealth games Dan. Imagine how stoked the Opeloge family must be!! Ele looks like one impressive weightlifter. It was fun watching with everyone after white Sunday wasn't it Dan. Do you know what Niu Sila means? I'll check back soon to see if you know. Keep posting Dan, there's so much sport going on right now - you've got plenty to write about!