Saturday, May 30, 2009

Benji Marshall & the Tigers Preparing For The Clash!!

Today I went to Ellerslie Rugby League club to see my favourite team the TIGERS train for their big clash against the Warriors tomorrow. It was so cool to be up close to an actual professional Rugby League team!!! It was also cool not only to see them figure out their moves. Also some damaging players! Like BENJI MARSHALL, TANIELA TUIAKI, JOHN MORRIS, and lot's of other upcoming Superstars. Guess what? I got my photo taken with these 3 SUPERSTARS!

Me & Taniela 'the train' Tuiaki!

As a young follower of the Tigers I think that their best foward is a man named CHRIS HEIGHINGTON, and the best back would be BENJI MARSHALL. I also think that the biggest person in their team would be Daine Laurie he is a massive guy with braids platted in his hair. I think that the main match up between the Tigers and Warriors would have to be between the two Tongan torpedoes 'the Beast' Manu Vatuvei and Taniela 'the train' Tuiaki. They are both devastating ball runners or you could say they are both wrecking balls!!!

Benji Marshall, my cousin Kane and me!

Thanks to Podgorani for asking me a question in one of my other posts on the Tigers. Well I think that the Tigers are going to win by 12 or more points because they are more skillful than the Warriors. They have a better plattform also when on attack and lots more other things that make their team good! Let's hope that the Tigers will win against the Warriors!! Go the TIGERS ROOOOOOAAAAAARRRRR!!!!
Me & John Morris! Kane, Daine Laurie & me!

Up & coming Tiger Peni Tagive & me!


Warrior said...

Go the warriors! It's time to rise to meet and defeat the Tigers. Just as you sound loyal to the Tigers, I will do the same and stick with mine. May the best team win. Go the Warriors!!

Leah said...

Fantastic meeting all those awesome players today. I wish I was there alongside you taking photos of these stars.

Tuiaki is a damaging player - marvelous to watch! Hope the Warriors will put up a good contest. Which team will win? Warriors - may the force be with you.

Kingston L said...

Tanielu I cant believe you got to meet the famous Benji Marshall in real life.

from kingston

Anonymous said...

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