Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cross Country Recount

Wow what a day, well you would have guessed by now that our school has finally had it’s annual Cross Country. It was one that I honestly would never forget. I didn’t think I would run the whole thing honestly, but my my goal was to run the whole way and I reached that goal. We ran 3.5 KM and found it very challenging.

When we were called up to get ready to run I was ready to go. I was pumped and couldn't wait to get started. I breathed as much air as I could right before the three words,”Ready, Get Set...Go!!! We were off. Everyone was careful and made sure they ran at the right pace with no one sprinting right at the beginning. After we had just run through the gate of our school grounds, we ran down to the far corner of our local reserve which is located right next to our school. I slowly worked my way past a few people and got closer to the top ten competitors. When I got to the far corner of the reserve we turned onto a path which lead us to a bush track. It was quite challenging to catch up to the top ten runners through the bush walk. The track was very difficult with a lot of steps and hills we had to run up.

When I had finally made it out of the bush track I had to run back to the school grounds. My lungs were about collapse but gladly I was about to run into the gate to finish the race. But sadly I was told to run around the reserve one more time. My lungs were about to snap by the time I started running around the reserve again. My heart struggled stress fully to gather oxygen into my body, my calves were aching and I was just about ready to collapse. When I was approximately 100 metres away from the finish line I was determined to finish strongly. I ran hard and I finally finished the race,”YEEAAAA!!!!!!!” I said in my head (Because I was so puffed I could’nt speak!). I walked over to the water fountain and had the longest drink ever. In the end I finished proudly in 6th place. I was happy that I made the top 10.

That was one of the most tiring moments in my life. Man, that’s what I call a Cross Country....`


Mr T said...

Great post Daniel. I felt as if I was runnig the race alongside you with your dramtic recount! Well done for making the top 10 of what I'm sure would have been a very competitive field.

Anonymous said...

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