Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Life Education 2011

Every year at Point England we have a special visitor and his name is Harold. He come to our school to teach us about very important periods in our life. He mostly talks to us about how important our body is and how we should use it. This year we are discussing a more serious matter,puberty.

When we sat down and got cozy we learnt that we were going through puberty right now. We learnt about how our body changes and how it could effect our behaviour and our attitude towards other people. We watched a few movies learning about people who took the wrong turn in life and ended up taking illegal drugs. I watched a young man who actually had a chance at making his Rugby and Rugby League big in his life but sadly took the wrong turn in life taking illegal drugs. And now he can’t even remember how he actually is. We learnt about how terrible drugs can be to the body. We also talked about how being kind to people you don’t usually talk to could change the whole outcome of their life.

Well after we left I learnt a very important lesson that I can take into my life. Never take my body for granted. Thankfully we still have two more lessons in the Life Education Caravan.

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