Monday, August 8, 2011

North VS South Region Of Origin Game 2

For the past few weeks I have been training for a team called the Auckland North U 13’s. We are playing a three match series against the South Auckland U 13’s. So far we have played 2 games, we won the first game 30-12, and just today we took the series out winning the match 38-4.

The field conditions were perfect not to hard and not to soft but the real problem for both sides was going to be the terrible wind. With the windy conditions going against the South boys North kicked off but soon recieved the ball back with the ball swaying and bouncing straight to the touch line. The South Aucklanders were able to hold us out early in the game. But when our monstrous forwards were able to get good quick balls while the South boys were still back peddaling caused by quick play the balls we managed to get on the score board first with a try. From this first try our forwards were able to get good with space to run which gave us good field possesion. So we ran out to a 12 point lead. Though the momentum had changed from a mistake in our own half with the South boys camping in our half ordering a try which was scored with some good quick hands out wide to score. The score was then 12 - 4 to North.

Dissappointed in our efforts to stop South from scoring we were able to get the ball back and our forwards to get us back out to a 12 point lead. The conversion succesful which meant that the score would 18-4. From that point on we dominated the game scoring try after try, the score ended up being 38-4. We were proud of our efforts and enjoyed the match. After the game I had a chat with some of my friends from the other team and had a good laugh. We are all looking forward to the last game. There is some talk that the last game will be played at Mt Smart Stadium!!! That would be a dream come true!

U13’s Game 2: 38-4 To North
U14’s Game 2: 16-16 DrawNorth VS South Region Of Origin Game 2


Mr T said...

Well done Daniel and well done Northern 13s on your series victory. Sounds like South 13s have got a lot of work to do if they want to restore some pride in Game 3.

Zane said...

Hey Tanielu,

isn't your team are good team to play against other teams. Well done on your two wins. Isn't the South 13's need alot to work on to beat you.

Hope you win your third game.