Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Aussie Rules

Willing to try out this sport that never heard about before, eager to learn and experience yet another opportunity that we were given. Room 21 were going to learn how to play Aussie Rules!

I had heard of this sport on tv before and have watched a few highlights from some of the games. It was quite entertaining to watch and when I heard that we would be learning how to play I was quite excited.

One of the things that we learnt from the instructors (Micheal and Lucy) was how to ruck the ball. I thought I knew what they were talking about but then my confidence went low after they told us what it was.We had to pair up with some one and then use another person to umpire the ruck.

The person who was umpiring the ruck would throw the ball up into the air and the other to people would compete for the ball by hitting it backwards. Moses and I were going to square off the ball Moses had an eye of a Tiger while I was almost closing my eyes with my eyes gleaming back at him. We gave each other a dirty look and crouched down hoping for the biggest possible leap.

Waiting for Zane to throw the ball into the air,.............swish, the grip of the ball left Zane's hand the ball went into the air. Our eyes bulged wide open waiting for the right moment, I knew I had the height advantage and leap at what I thought was the right moment. Moses leap at the exact same time, we jumped like frogs stretching our arms to our bodies maximum wage.....WACK!!! With all the power in my right arm I smacked the ball backwards into my possession. I had won the ruck and couldn't wait for the next turn!

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Jordenne said...

Hi Tanielu,

I really loved your story about Aussie Rules. You have used interesting words there.

Keep it up! Tanielu