Monday, September 5, 2011

Tauranga Journey Of A life Time

Just wondering how to start this story, it is so hard to explain how I felt and how much I loved being there. Well I will start off, the greatest experience of my life began when I arrived in Tauranga on Monday last week. Why you asked? Well our school sevens team coach Ms. Va’afusuaga thought that we had enough talent and skills to head down to one of the most anticipated events for schools around New Zealand, the New Zealand Aims Games Competition.

The thing was that I was supposed to head down with the sevens team on Sunday, but I was sick so I had to head down the next day. I was happy to know that I managed to stay awake the whole ride down from Auckland to Tauranga. And seeing the boys again really got me happy again. When we arrived I saw a nice big Marae which we were going to sleep in for the week. We were offered nice cozy mattresses by the Marae which ensured we would fall into nice deep sleeps!
After unpacking my things we headed down to the fields to see what kind of fields we would be playing on. We looked around and then headed off to different club grounds and started training. We were pretty sharp with our game p,an and trained well. We covered what we wanted to and then headed back to the Marae. We then ha showers and relaxed for a while.

After a while we had a delicious dinner of roasted chicken with potato, kumara and vegetables. Everyone enjoyed the meal which was cooked by Miss V’s sister Annie who was helping us out when we were down there. After our lovely meal we relaxed in the Marae.

Moments later we were told we were going to be doing some group games and activities. So later on in the night we started our games and activities. We were asked to name our groups and my group called themselves, “The Wackers”. We had a lot of fun that night playing all sorts of funny outrageous games. We then were told to go bed we did and were cozy on our mattresses!

Below is a movie that introduces our seven's team. I hope to bring you more footage from this amazing week!


Dorothy said...

What a great introduction Tanielu. Now you have me waiting in eager anticipation of Episode #2

Mrs Burt

Miss Lavakula said...

Well done Tanielu and team! What an awesome event to be apart of. Your blog posts are always enjoyable to read. Keep up the great writing.

From Miss Lavakula

Eunice Jones said...

Hi Tanielu,
my name is Eunice Jones,I'm a student at the University of South Alabama. I'm currently enrolled in EDM310. Tanielu what a great video,I'm glad you felt better to join the team for the game. The video showed you all having so much fun playing this game. I never played this game before maybe one day I can learn to play it. Have the team won any other championship games? Good luck with other games.

Greta Miller said...

Good Job on the video Tanielu,My name is Greta Miller,I'm a student at the University of South Alabama. I'm currently enrolled in EDM310. I enjoy watching rugby, I didnt know how big the sport is down there.

Jorja said...

Hi Daniel
I really, really like that movie that you posted on your blog.
I hope to see more of your fantastic sevens games.
Keep Up The Good Work!!!!
From Jorja