Friday, September 16, 2011

Manu Samoa Off to an Impressive Start.....

As soon as the school bell rang I rang out to the street to quickly grab my bag and run, why you ask? Well Manu Samoa had already began their first match in the Rugby World Cup! The match began at 2:30. They were playing against Namibia, they were expected to win this game. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me, I just had to turn the corner and I would be at my house! I ran down the drive way and ran inside the door.

I found the TV was on, halftime had just begun. I looked at the score hoping that Samoa were doing well, YEEAAAHH!!! 25-0 was the score Samoa were in the lead. I sat down on the couch and watched the game.

Alesana Tuilagi the superstar winger for the Samoan side had scored two trys already, sprinting down the sideline for spectacular trys. At the moment Samoa were controlling the game with ease. With the forwards dominating the rucks and scrums which gave the backs plenty of opportunity's to create breaks out wide. The Namibians kept trying and were determined to put points on the board.

Samoa were set up in Namibia's half and were prepared to score yet again. The Samoans managed to cross the try line through Alesana Tuilagi. But the ref disagreed with the passage of play and called it a forward pass. The Samoans were frustrated with the call and struggled to complete phases with errors. But the Samoans were able to maintain pressure on the Africans and gained a penalty try by controlling the scrum and pushing the Namibians back several times. The score ended up being 49-12 to Samoa.

Samoa have made a fantastic debut in this years World Cup and will need to prove themselves
's as major contenders in this weeks match against the big hearted Wales side. This will be a fantastic match up with both teams urging to be i this years finals series. COME ON SAMOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I BELIEVE (Tigers Vs Warriors On Tonight!!!!!!)

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Mum said...

Awesome post Dan, I love reading your posts. I like the intensity! I agree with you in that the Manu have started off well. I felt for a few of the Namibia players who ended up getting pretty hurt. Sad for Tigers losing last night, it really did look like theirs until that final stretch. That's what makes NRL so exciting, all teams are unpredictable at times. Keep up the awesome writing Dan. Lots of love
Seqa na leqa