Monday, May 11, 2009

Immersion Rotation

In my class Room 18 we are looking closely at the main differences on groups of Dinosaurs, but what made it cooler was that we got to have an Immersion Rotation. We got to go into different classes to see what they have been learning about Dinosaurs. When our class went to Room 15 their teacher told us about how Dinosaurs move, when we went to Room 16 we learned about their Classification. In Room 17 we learned about the time line, and in Room 14 we did Observational drawing. They were all very cool activities and I really do wish that it never ended.

Well anyway my favourite Dinosaur is a"Triceratops" . I found out that Triceratops means 'three horned head'. I like it because because it has a plate to protect its head and because they travel in herds. It has been fun through out the week and I have learnt tons more things about Dinosaurs.  I can't wait to start my my report on Dinosaurs.  This term is going to be AWESOME!!!!

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Sallyanne said...

Hi Tanielu great story.Keep up the good work!!