Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The NRL 2009 Here Come The Tigers!!!

The NRL competition has been absolutely THRILLER so far. The team that I have been supporting from the beginning of the year is the WEST TIGERS!!! My favourite players from their team are,Taniela Tuiaki,Benji Marshall and my most favourite player is CHRIS LAURENCE he is one of the most fastest and strongest centres in the whole competition. Right know they are in the top eight and have won four and lost four my favourite game that they have played so far is when they took on the Melbourne Storm and won 16-6. I liked it because there were only a few minutes to go and the Tigers were winning,the score was 10-6 to the Tigers but people were scared that Storm would get another try!!! So then it was a Tigers scrum and they were 85 metres away from the line and Benji Marshall the magic man made a beautiful move and made a short pass out to Chris Laurence.

Chris was running down the sideline he had broke threw the line and was off!! Billy Slater was he was chasing but Chris Laurence had tooken off like a rocket from the start and no one could catch him and that had sealed the win the MIGHTY WEST TIGERS!!!!GO THE MIGHTY TIGERS!!!!!  


MrT said...

Hey Tanielu.

So the Tigers have taken over the Warriors as your favourite team?? I seem to recall you quoting on a previous post of yours..."and as I always say..GO THE MIGHTY WARRIORS!!.."?? Well looks like the Tigers will have to do without your favourite player Chris Lawrence for a few weeks after he injured his ankle at training this week. He is out for a month! And another key player Dean Collis is out for 6 weeks after breaking his arm...at training as well! They must train pretty hard.

Podgorani said...

i love the tigers too but who will win when they play the warriors

Anonymous said...

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