Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Super Cool One Day HOLIDAY!!!

On Monday at Point England Primary school we had a Teachers Only Day. I nearly forgot that there was no school!! I asked my mum "Where am I going today mum"? My mum said to me, "You're going to school".  I wondered what she meant.  I took my little brother to his pre-school and then I came back to school. And then I saw what was going on in the hall - I saw lots of cool activities waiting for me. There were ping-pong tables, a trampoline with a splash pad and a Nintendo WII!!!

This looked to be a very cool day for me  - it really was a cool day for me!!!  At first I was doing stunts on the Trampoline onto the splash pad. OOOHH and I nearly forgot that after a while on the splash pad I went to play Basket Ball with a ball and a hoop. I asked Mrs Verry if I was allowed to lower the hoop so that I could try to Slam Dunk into the hoop!!

Then after that, what do you know, I was already playing the Nintendo WII. At first I was playing Boxing against a boy named Esra and I had won by three knock outs. Then after that we went on the  the training section. It was coo.l I was the record holder for most hit's out of 30 I had 21 hit's. I also had the most hits on a punching bag!!! 
It was a cool day and thanks to Mrs Verry,  Mr Brown and Daisy for an awesome day of fun and excitement!!   

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Mrs. Barks said...

Hi Tanielu,

I see that you and I both enjoy Wii.

When our family was packing to move to NZ, we had to be careful how much we packed into our suitcases - we couldn't go over our weight limit. We decided that we would bring the really, really, important things like clothing, footwear, swim suits, and lets not forget the Wii system!!! Of course we had to bring our adapters so that we could plug it in and use it here. As a family we love to play tennis...of course I think I'm the most amazing player but strangely no one ever volunteers to be my partner in pairs playing!!! What's up with that?!!!