Friday, May 8, 2009

What's Going On???

Today on the 9th of May my mother read the New Zealand Herald and guess what was on the front page sport? Your guess would be the Anzac test between the KIWISVSAUSTRALIA right?? But no it's not, because it's about Luke Mcalister on target for the Pacific Cup. I mean come on tonight is a very big night and I mean a very big night. I am proud that New Zealand passion is Rugby but last year we won the RUGBY LEAGUE WORLD CUP!!!!! And we can prove that it wasn't a fluke by beating them once again. That is what should be on the front page!!! But instead it's on the THIRD PAGE - COME ON!!!

But any way sad news for the Kiwis -THREE people are injured. They are all key players. First off is ISAAC LUKE, he is out because he was suspended for a dangerous tackle in a recent League game,guess who else is out?? One of the key forwards JEREMY SMITH with an ankle injury. Also the loose foward Frank Pritchard is out with a neck injury.

If you read on PAGE 3 of the sports news you'll find out that Dene Halatau is now playing. Let's hope that the Kiwis will do us all proud!!! If we won the world Cup against Australia once then we can do it again.

GO THE MIGHTY KIWIS!!!!!!  Let's make the front page tomorrow with"THE KIWIS WITH A ANOTHER WIN!!!
This is Feki one of sports reporters for our daily school news network - PENN. 


Miss Signal said...

I agree with your article. There are soooo many sports that NZers are amazing at but they are never reported on in the mainstream media because they aren't as 'big' or as 'important' as Rugby. One example of this is the Division III World Ice Hockey Championship that took place in Dunedin in April. New Zealand took out Gold and are now able to compete in Division 2 World Ice Hockey. But they made little impact with the news media with this stunning win. Such a shame when we have such talented people doing well in sports other than rugby. Thanks - I really enjoyed reading your post today!

Fiona Grant said...

I have just read your post out to my husband as we sit here waiting for the game to start. We will be cheering and hope to see the Kiwis on the front page of tomorrow's sport section!

Podgorani said...

the league isnt that important there are only two good teams in the world

anyway i cant watch cause stink old sky tv have the game on sky sport2 and we only get sky sport. I think sky are a rip off, i pay for sport and they put cricket on from england and they have the league on another channel. they do this so that i have to pay more money to watch the other channels

good luck kiwis but i think they will lose badly about 52-6 is my guess