Monday, July 4, 2011


The day that I don’t like at all in the week are the Mondays. The day when you feel the most tired,weary and well the day when you just don’t want to come back to school. But one thing that really makes me want to come to school on Mondays, is knowing that we have tech at Tamaki. The fact that we can learn about different things about technology every week is pretty cool right!

Sadly this was the last week that my group would be doing science for the year! Throughout the term we have participated in the coolest experiments ever. But the final experiment was also counted as an examination. This task was one of the easier experiments of the term. All we had to do was measure and record the temperature of the water every minute which is placed in a measuring cup, while being heated up by a Bunsen burner.

Though this sounds pretty easy we still enjoyed measuring and watching the temperature change over time. We still learnt a lot from it and were still into the activity. When we had to leave we were pretty sad that it was the last time we would be in science for the year. The teacher told us about how much he enjoyed teaching and talking to us about how cool science. I AM SERIOUS ABOUT TAKING SCIENCE AS A STUDY WHEN I GO TO COLLEGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mum said...

Your opening sentence hooked me Dan...'The day that I don't like...'I agree with you, Monday's can be pretty hard to meet and greet with a smile, especially after having a jam packed weekend. I'm really happy to read how you have enjoyed science this term. It is a very interesting subject, you learn the importance of many things that you often don't stop to notice or consider. I also loved the experiments we had when I was in school,we had a pretty outgoing science teacher who liked to carry out experiments with loud pops and bangs - of course with our safety goggles on! Good writing Dan, you always fit in so much in what seems like a short read at times. Malo lava Tanielu. Alofa tele, o Mum xx