Friday, July 15, 2011

Part 3: Design A Sign Project

Brief Development: 1st Brief
Conceptual Statement:(What is the concept or idea behind your design brief? e.g “To produce a sign with a message that helps eliminate the issue of...”)
“To produce a sign with a message that helps eliminate the issue of People Running around the street. (It can cause massive danger to the things around us and may cause injuries,those this doesn’t seem so bad, it can lead to some big problems.)

Specifications:(The measurable must haves ie. the things that are important to designing an effective sign e.g. sign must be easy to read etc...)
1.Good Ideas 2.Co-operating3.Good Plan/Design4.Keeping Records Of Development5. clear message6. bright colours7. appealing to kids8.

Constraints:(Musts that are beyond my control e.g. Must be completed by the end of the term)
1.Design and finish this task2. due at end of week 73. message has got to help solve a problem4.5.

Resources:(things I need to make the sign)* photocopier* paper* wood

You need to come up with at least 2 different possible sign designs and complete a PMI for each. This should include some feedback from an adult or a peer around the school who would represent the stakeholders.
Sign 1 (insert image of screenshot or photo of your sign)

UnoriginalThe Design and Colours
Plus:A clever idea

Minus:Cannot see the full picture

Interesting: Students in my class like the sign.

The Design and Colours

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