Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Part 1: Design A Sign Project

Our task is to design a sign that will clearly assist in eliminating a problem within our school.

- Make sure you are clear what the task is.
- Can you identify the key words in this task (highlight them and discuss it with a buddy)

Thinking about signs and signage (Make a list of all the signs you have seen ….. and the purpose of the sign )
Type of sign:Purpose of the sign:
No Smoking Stop Smoking In The area to make it more cleaner.
Give WayTo Cause less crashes in the area
Alcohol Free ZoneTo stop people from drinking alcohol
No Littering ZoneTo keep our area clean and non polluted

Brainstorm some Ideas/ problems that we have around our school environment.

*Wearing Hats
*Chewing Gum
*People Running
*Dirty Shoes in the class


You need to think and expand on your answers, one sentence is not sufficient.

What is your issue in our school?
I believe that the problem in the school area (The Street) there are to many people running at times when we have to sit down. Enough of a problem to put up as a sign. I recommend that it will be a good idea if we put up a sign which would stop this hazard from happening.

Who does it affect? People walking by may get bumped.

Why is it happening in our school? To many people playing games while eating.

When does it happen? Mostly beggining of Morning Tea and lunch times.

Where is it happening? In the street mostly.

What needs to happen to prevent this issue? People constantly patrolling the area. As well as putting up signs to make people think before they do.

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