Saturday, July 16, 2011

Part 4: Design A Sign Project

Sign 2 (insert image of screenshot or photo of your sign)

Plus:Minus:Interesting:Very Colourful
Same DesignVariety

My final design is:

I chose this design because:It includes different places in the street and it also includes a student in the design which would only appeal to the students more!

* Does your sign meet all the specifications and requirements of the brief? If so, how?Yes, It shows what not to do and where not to do it.
* What is the purpose of your sign? Do you think your sign will help eliminate a problem in the school or street? If so, how?
* What did you do well?Design and put a student into the sign which would be apealing to people.
* What difficulties did you come across while making your sign?
* What can you do next time to improve your project?
Be more organised in my planning and designing.

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