Thursday, July 14, 2011

Part 2: Design A Sign Project

Planning LogKeep a record of both what you intend to do and what you did over the course of the next 3 weeks as we work through the Technology Process.
Week 5Week 6Week 7What I plan to doPlan and designDevelop and createFinal Touches/Finish OffMaterials I will needPlasticPaperLeatherPeople/Sources I need to consult for more information.TeachersStudentsSchoolWhat did you find difficult and why?Finding the right sources of information.
Thinking of a decent idea.
Finishing the project.
What I will do next as a result of any difficulties.Ask for help from someone who is
Search for information on the internet.
I did not need help.

STAKEHOLDERS The Stakeholders are the people who have an effect on the production of your productThe Primary Stakeholder is your client ie. the person or community of people that your sign is going to be created for. eg. ….Wider Community Stakeholders:Key Stakeholders:Primary Stakeholder:-School

The Senior Schoolyear 7 & 8 kids

ATTRIBUTES: These describe the physical (what it is like) and functional (what it will do) characteristics of a product. These characteristics are key or essential for the successful function of a product and should be re- evaluated at each stage of the design process.
With your sign in mind, complete the following attributes table:AttributeMethod of MeasurementSpecificationeg. Eye catchingsign will appeal (be noticed) by stakeholdersSign must be clear, stand out and be creativeSize2 Metres Long sign must be at least 2 metres long

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