Monday, November 10, 2008

Joshua Klein

Have you heard of Joshua Klein? He is a man who trains crows to do good things in our environment. He invented a vending machine for crows!! Isn't that amazing that he invented it just for crows. He is an amateur man (Amateur means he is not paid for his research for crows) He got the idea at a party and his friend said that there were all these crows in his backyard and said he should just eradicate them (which means to get rid them) but Joshua said "no" we should train them to do good things. His friend said that was impossible. That was when he got interested in crows. Crows are very brainy because they use cars to help them with lunch. The Crows found a nut and waited on the power line in the middle of the road then they dropped their nut on the road and then car ran over the nut and it cracked open. Then they would fly down onto the ground and would wait for the traffic to stop when someone pressed the traffic button. Then the crow would walk on the path through the traffic that was stopped at the lights.

Josh made some pretty good things that would save crows from getting killed for being a pest. He was so good at researching Crows that he got to be on a show that was called TED TALKS it is a show for people who do really cool things. We even got to talk with him in a VIDEO CONFERENCE!!!!! We were honoured to speak with him because he was very funny. We gave him a few good ideas for the research to get better. JOSHUA KLEIN IS AWESOME!!!!

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Manaiakalani said...

I really enjoyed listening to the TED talk on my iPod at the gym. Then I got to listen in while you people talked with him in the video conference and I was really impressed. I could already tell that he was clever from the stuff he has done with the crows, but sometimes really clever people aren't that good when it comes to talking to kids - you know what I mean! He was really interesting and funny and I thought he had some good ideas for our magpie situation at school. What did you think about that?
Mrs Burt