Sunday, November 23, 2008

We are the CHAMPIONS of the WORLD!!

Can you believe that we just won the WORLD cup title (Trophy) We have made history. It is the first time that the MIGHTY Kiwis won against Australia in a world cup (Kangaroos) and it is the first time that the kiwis have won ever in the history of World Cup Rugby League. In fact the Rugby League world cup began in 1954 but the Rugby Union World Cup only began in 1987 (When The All Blacks Won!!) Sometimes in the game I just couldn’t describe how the Kiwis played through out the game. It was a very good competitive first half because it was a very tight score. My most favourite try was when Billy Slater was about to be pushed out to the out line by the BEAST (Manu Vatuvei) and Billy Slater chucked the ball in just in time before he went out and chucked it right in to the hands of the one and only Benji Marshall who ran to the score line with a smile on his face. Every one was raising their hands and screaming with joy with their hands in the air. I think that Nathan Cayless made the most metres for the Kiwis. The score was 34-20 what a good score for the Kiwis to win against Australia in the world cup final. The prize giving at the end was cool because I liked it when the Kiwis walked on the stage to get their medals. THE MIGHTY KIWIS HAVE ACHIEVED THE IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!
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Mrs Tele'a said...

Yes can you believe it!! I must say that I still have a huge smile on my face after that sensational game!

Love your report, you are a fan indeed! I can sense your excitement and joy from this fabulous game!

You are so right in that the kiwi's have achieved what many thought was impossible.

A highlight for me was Wayne Bennett being part of this team, he obviously has brought to the Kiwi side a lot of knowledge and experience. It was awesome to see this Australian man truly enjoy the Kiwi win. Goes to show that he loves the game whether it be for Australians or beyond!

Looking forward to reading more from you and any visitors to this particular blog post.

Malo Tanielu. Go the Kiwis!!!

Anonymous said...

Well done Kiwis and WELL DONE Tanielu! What a great reward for true fans such as yourself!
What PASSION, HEART and DESIRE shown by the boys to defeat what many league 'experts' were saying was the greatest ever Australian team! It just goes to show you that if you put your heart and mind to it, you can achieve great things.
The Kiwis winning the World Cup must surely go down in NZ sporting history as one of our greatest achievements given what we were up against. The supposedly invincible Australian team, playing AWAY from home, all the injuries/withdrawals from our team (Roy Asotasi, Frank Pritchard, Sonny Bill Williams, Jeff Lima, Steve Matai, Iosia Soliola) that would probably have been half our starting team! Can you imagine if the All Blacks played WITHOUT Dan Carter, Richie McCaw, Rodney Sooialo, Mils Muliaina and Ali Williams?? I think most other international teams would beat them. Come to think of it, the ABs couldn't even win the Rugby World Cup WITH those guys playing so again, what a FANTASTIC win by our proud Kiwis.
The All Blacks should take a lesson from the Kiwis sucessful World Cup campaign in how to manage your players, and how to time your run so that you are playing your best at the right time. Stephen Kearney, Wayne Bennett and of course the players did this beautifully and came away with an achievement that will live long in the memories of those who watched the game!
There are a lot of proud New Zealanders around the world right now!!
Now its time to back the All Blacks all the way to the 2011 Rugby World Cup right here in New Zealand!!

And as YOU always say Tanielu....GO THE MIGHTY KIWIS....!!!

(P.S. if only we followed up on our plan to go to Brisbane to watch the semi and the final aye...???)

tamakitoday said...

Tanielu, this might be your best piece of writing yet. You can feel the passion and excitement in your voice and that's brilliant it really helps make your piece. I couldn't believe that we won the game I thought that we'd be beaten for sure. I was watching the game with my Dad and we started to do a high five after each try... it was only with that penalty try that we won did I think we would. My favourite part was when Nathan Cayless thanked the British supporters in the crowd and there was this massive cheer... I still cant believe we won...!!!

mrs lagitupu said...

Hey Tanielu

What a great win by the Kiwis! I missed the first half, but got home in time to watch the second half. I bet Billy Slater wishes he never chucked that ball! I also wonder if Rueben Wiki regretted retiring before that game?

Anyway, what an unbelievable achievement by the Kiwis. I'm sure that in ten years time, you may be leading a successful kiwi team to victory yourself.

Go the Kiwis! Go Tanielu!