Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Summer Is Coming......

Thanks to www.suntrek.org/.../inside thesun.com for this picture
The scorching hot sun nearly burned me as if I was a sausage sizzling on the barbie. Summer is coming soon.... In summer you would hear children jump around with joy. You could feel the sun gleaming on your cheese grilled back!! The tree's leaves were turning into a glowing green. The breeze would be flowing through the air like a power hang glider. Your eyes would turn to the sun and turn beet red with water pounding down your head to keep you hydrated. Your eyes would scream,suffer and explode like a bomb land on the ground in WORLD WAR II . The plants would be dying as if a lazer gun was fired at the plant and the lazer melted the roots and the plant would die. When I felt the back of my neck it felt like I put my hand in an oven that was turned up to 100 degrees. YIKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKESSSSSS man that was STEAMING HOT. Make sure you have plenty of water through the summer. BECAUSE SUMMER'S COMING!!!!!!!


Manaiakalani said...

What a great piece of writing Tanielu. I love some of your descriptions..."cheese grilled back..." is my favourite. Your title caught my attention when I saw it in my Google Reader and I cam over for a look, because after the lovely weather we have had all weekend I couldn't agree more about the feeling that 'Summer is coming....'
Perhaps it is time to out away the league boots and get out the cricket bat?
Mrs Burt

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