Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Who Is better??

Who do think is the most skilled player out of Ali Lauitiiti or Sonny Bill Williams?? Well if you want to vote then type a comment on my post. Voting ends next week. I think I would go for Lauitiiti but you can vote for your own person. And by the way GO THE KIWIS!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to www.rugbyleaguedigest.com.au/img.skysports.com/.../Ali-Lauitiiti_987689.jpgimages/sonny-bil... for the picture of Sonny Bill and Ali Lautiti!!


Anonymous said...

I would have to go with Ali Lauitiiti in terms of raw and natural talent! In terms of physicality, Sonny Bill would probably take it but your poll is about skill so I would go with Ali. Some of the things he used to do on the field were absolutely outrageous! For example the behind-the-back flick pass??? One commentator described the way he held the ball as if he was holding a banana! The fact that he was a good basketball player too would have helped with his ball skills.

Mr T

tamakitoday said...

I think that Ali Lauitiiti has always carried himself well and there's been times with Sonny Bill that I have questioned his will.
I dont think either compare to Steven Donald. He's the best really. Or maybe Richard Kahui.
Anyone from Hamilton.