Thursday, November 6, 2008

School Athletics 2008

Athletics was AWESOME because in my first event [Shot Put] I came SECOND!!! And in the soft ball throw I came...SECOND AGAIN which is a very big achievement for me not just to get a good place in sprinting (my BEST event in athletics!) I also came FIRST in the 10 year old boys 75 metre sprint and tomorrow we will be having the 100 metre. We stopped sprinting because people were starting to get sick because people were eating just before their last rotation. I am going through to the inter-zone athletics for three events. Usually I’m only in the running races. Takitimu are mostly known as the Athletics CHAMPIONS because we usually win. But so far it’s looking Matatua are cleaning up right now I hope that we can come back by winning the relay and the 400 metre sprint.I have great news!!!! In the four hundred metere sprint guess what I came first!!!!! GO TAKITIMU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Hi Tanielu !

Thank you for helping me this afternoon.

You did very well in our athletics today ! I hope your mum and dad have got lots of footage of you. Keep up your good work !

Mrs. She.

Russell Burt said...

I like the writing you posted. Its expressive and well thought out. I'm pleased you did so well at the field events. Well done.
I look forward to hearing whether you won the 100m.

Have a great weekend Tanielu.

Mr Burt