Thursday, November 20, 2008

Manu Vatuvei VS Folau

You know how Iv'e been asking people who's better than who?? Well I have another one for you who is the best winger?? The Beast(Manu Vatuvei) or Izzy (Isreal Folau) Vote now !!! It is so hard that even I coudn't decide right now because they are both really strong, they are both really good at keeping the ball alive and they are both good at jumping and are good at busting the line. SO JUST VOTE NOW !!!!!!! (Vote by posting a comment!!)

Thanks to for these pictures!!


Anonymous said...

Lele Manu!!

Mr T

pesteam2 said...

Hi Tanielu,
What a great post!! I'm definitely backing Manu "the Beast" Vatuvei. Go the kiwis! Keep up the great work.
Miss Lavakula

Mrs Tele'a said...

Manu definately after tonight's OUTSTANDING performance by the Kiwi's!! Fantastic! It just got better and better by the minute.

Kiwi fans all over the world will be sleeping with smiles on their faces after watching what was a historical win.

Imagine all the very proud families who the individual kiwi players belong to, they must be celebrating right now.

I will certainly be looking forward to talking to other league fans tomorrow. It will be hard to talk about anything else!

What was the man of the match award about?? It should have been one of the Kiwi's.

Never mind - it's a good time to be gracious!

Looking forward to your post match report Tanielu!

Mrs Tele'a

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Anonymous said...

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