Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Camp Kindness Was KIND!!!!!!!

WWWOOOOOWWW!!!! THAT WAS KIND!!!!!! I was absolutely stunned about how awesome this Camp was. It was so cool to try new activities that we had seen on TV. Say for example a Dunking Tank was available (Quite scary), Archery was also available and my favourite activity, : Log Jousting. Log Jousting was my favourite activity because it was quite an aggressive game but a lot of us got stuck into it. There were some pretty intense battles but only the best came out on top. I had a rival ready to battle and he was: Semiliu. an evil glare looking like he wanted to beat me to the death. After a while Semiliu and I decided to fight for the first time. We picked up our shields and our weapon, we put on our head gear and were ready for a fearsome battle. We both climbed up a stilt and stood on the log. ''Fighters are you ready?" is what the rock up instructor said. "YES!!!" We screamed back. "Fighters touch shields" (She said this for sportsmanship), we touched shield with roughness. FIIIGGGHHHTTT!!!!!!! We started THE FIGHT and we started laying on the big blows. Semiliu was slashing his weapon across my shoulders, pain was about to hurt my shoulder so I decided to attack, I swung my weapon and it clashed with his hip, it made him wobble. I saw this as a chance to take him down, so I then I prepared my weapon and struck!!!! SMACK!!!! Semiliu went flying to the ground and it was 1-0 to me. The second round was about to begin "FIGHT".......SMACK,BANG,WACK,POW!!!
This was intense match and the referee decided to give the victory to Semiliu. This was the third and final round. We stood up on the log waiting for the signal. But before the fight began I came up with a plan. "FIGHT!!!" SMACK!!!! As planned Semiilu was going for all the heavy blows, he was to busy attacking then defending. So when he was tired and the time was right I targeted his legs. "SMACK!!!" IT WAS VICTORY FOR THE CONSIDERATORS!!!!!!!!!!!!! (My team!)


Mum said...

Awesome Dan, I love the way you told this story. I've laughed and then read hurriedly wanting to find out who the winner was. Keep the good writing going son. Another action packed account. Love you

Shontal said...

Hey Tanielu
I really like your blog its really like your stories keep it up