Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Charity Shield 2010

MAN!! What a game that was, I had just finished watching one breath taking game between the Rabbits and the Dragons. I had been wanting to watch this game for the whole week, it seemed that both teams look really good and ready for the new season. As the teams were in the sheds getting ready for the game they showed the line up for both teams. Both line ups were very fearsome and dangerous.

The Rabbits line up involved English Powerhouse Sam Burgess he was looking to make a good impression to his 2ND 1st grade game which was going to be an absolute cliff hanger!! The Dragons also had a strong pack (line up) with there general heroes, Jamie Soward,Brett Morris,Ben Craighe and...... well you would get it by now!!

It was a good game with a lot of big hits,good tries and a lot of ball skills. The Rabbits scored the first try with spectacular work up and a perfect ending. After a while Rabbits were on there last tackle and they were looking for yet another try. Some how star Fetuli Talanoa gathered up the ball and had put the ball down when his left foot was inches away from hitting the sideline ......WHAT A TRY!!! The Rabbits were in the lead and the Dragons needed to step up in there game.

Dragons had just gotten the ball they worked up field and had spread the ball out wide, Kiwi star Jason Nightingale ran down the sideline but he still had to beat the fullback Rhys Wesser, so he stepped in and had scored a try for the Dragons.

At half time the score was 16 all ,so then I went to bed. GO THE TIGERS!!!!!


Nga Kaituhi o PES said...

Hey there Tanielu,
Another great commentary - I can't believe you were able to tear yourself away from the action to go to bed!
Mrs Nua

RT said...

Hey Tanielu!

I was amazed at how fast fit and strong the players look before the real season even starts?

They must really train hard in order to be in top shape. Have yo u been training hard during your pre-season training?

Did you know that one of the players you mentioned Fetuli Talanoa is a GI boy?

Yes thats right he even went to Tamaki College just down the road fom you.

I wonder who the next local GI/Pt England boy will be to make it to the big time of NRL rugby league??

Judging by the way the Pt England rugby and league sides have performed the last few years, we might not have to wait for too long to find out.