Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Thrilling Start To The NRL!!!

WOW!! What a spectacular start to a fresh NRL season. The Eels took on the Dragons losing 12-18. It was an intense game, watching both teams do freaky stunts with the ball, offloading, freakish passes, big hits; it had it all in Round One.
The Eels Prodigal Son Timana Tahu made a terrific first impression to the game with his good old big hitting shoulders, putting big hits on Saint George, taking the game to another level. The Dragons took the first try with a Nathan Fien grubber which was retrieved just before the touch line by skipper Ben Hornby. After a while the score was 12 all and the game was starting to get rough. It was so good to see a Versatile Winger Eric Grothe Jr (Eels) run it up straight. At the end of the game the Dragons held on to win the game 12-18 against the Eels.

There was another game that was on, it was the great Queensland Clash between the Brisbane Broncos and the North Queensland Cowboys. This was a fascinating game to watch as the Broncos were winning 24 nill against the Cowboys. The fascinating part had just begun as the Cowboys were making a major comeback. After three quarters of a thrilling 2nd half it was all locked up at twenty four all. WOW!! What a finish this was going to be, with seventy eight minutes gone and two minutes to go. This was going to be one crazy ride, The Broncos had the ball in there position. The Broncos had spread the ball out wide, the gap was there for Denan Kempt, Denan Kempt pumped his legs ,he had to beat the winger, HE SMOKED HIM!! WHAT A TRY!!!! The game was saved from going extra time because Broncos. What a game!!

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