Tuesday, March 2, 2010


WOW! That was a nail biting finish to the twenty, twenty test between the New Zealand Black Caps and the best Cricket team in the world (right now), the Australians. It was one good game to watch, seeing Brendon Mucullum hit some freaky shots!! Not only Mucullum was a stand out player, there were loads more like the cult hero Tim Southee with his fantastic bowls , Nathan Mucullum with his game saving fielding and……..well you could say that the WHOLE team played well!

At the end of the game it was all locked up at a tie. So the two cricket teams had a showdown by having a super over. A super over is when you only get one over (six bowls) to hit as many runs as you can. You only have two wickets in hand and if you lose all of your wickets….GAME OVER!!!! Australia batted first and New Zealand had picked Tim Southee to bowl this exciting over. I quivered with excitement knowing that this was going to get rough. Tim Southee had done a excellent job only giving the Australians six runs and he had taken away one wicket (Caught by Nathan Mucullum).

It was New Zealand’s turn to bat and they had chosen Brendon Mucullum and Mark Guptill to bat. It was a nerve racking moment as I saw Australia choose there fastest bowler Shawn Tait to bowl the super over. The over was about to begin and the first bowl went to Mucullum. SMACK Mucullum had hit it for a run and charged to the other side of the pitch. One of the fielders “Clarke” had chucked the ball curiously wanting to get the wicket. Mucullum saw the ball coming for the wicket so he dived wanting to survive the throw, luckily Clarke had missed the wickets by a inch. Mucullum Smiled with relief getting ready for the next bowl. Shawn Tait had throw another bowl and had made it go way too wide and that had given New Zealand a free run and another bowl. This only meant that New Zealand needed 4 more runs and they would be home free. After another two bowls the Black Caps had hit one run and had been given another free run. With two runs left and three bowls in hand New Zealand were looking for the kill. SMACK!!!! Mark Guptill had just won the game for New Zealand by hitting a beautiful four YYYYYEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHH KIWIS WON!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mum said...

Hi Tanielu, great recount of the match. I agree with you in that it was a good spectacle. I enjoyed watching the closing 'super over' you explained clearly in your writing. I'm sure you'll be posting soon about the talented Styris and his match winning six last night. Looking forward to it Tanielu. Malo lava McCallum.

RT said...

Hi Tanielu.

Great write up! You definitely captured all the excitement of the super over from Sundays 20/20 match!

Did you watch last nights first one dayer between Australia and the Black Caps? It was every bit as exciting as the 20/20 game!
New Zealand again came out on top of a very close match with a number of heroic performances from some of the Black Caps.
Although Ross Taylor won the man of the match award for his fine innings of 70 from 70 balls, my choice would have been Scott Styris (49 runs from 34 balls not out!) for the way he came in and steadied the New Zealand innings and guided the team home when it looked like Australia might just take the game.
And what about the way he ended the match?? A massive 6 over long off to put the exclamation mark on another famous New Zealand victory over our trans tasman rivals!

Looking forward to the next one-dayer!