Tuesday, March 16, 2010


"MAN!!" The year has gone super fast in fact, it's already time for CAMP!!! This year our theme for camp is:Kindness. So this year our Camp is called Camp Kindness. It is going to be different to all the other camps that we have been on. Mrs Nua (Our Teacher) said that we would be doing different things to the year five and sixes. It was very exciting to hear that.

I am a leader for my group, our group's name is ,"Considerators", our group (Considerators) got together and made a chant. We were very cooperative and got used to being a group. We had to choose a song from a lucky dip because instead of performing on the concert night we would have to make a MTV from a song, But the thing about it was that it had to be a New Zealand based song. So I went up and chose a song out of a hat. The song was called "Waka" I have no idea what the song is but I'll learn it through camp. CAMP STARTS TOMOORROW!!!!!!!!!! CONSIDERATORS!!!!


Nga Kaituhi o PES said...

So now it's over what did you think! I'm looking forward to hearing what the highlight of Camp Kindness was for you. You did a great job leading by example Tanielu.
Mrs Nua

Helen Tui said...

Hey Tanielu
Thanks for the comment on my blog.Your story was very desriptive and interesting to read. What's your favourite activity we did. I can tell you had fun doing the dunker.Bye Helen Tui

Kevin said...

cool blog

teinakura said...

i guess that u are so exited for this coming up camp!............. teinakura