Monday, September 1, 2008

Ruben Wiki

Man that was a good way to end Wiki's career at Mt Smart. And the way the Warriors won their match against the Penrith Panthers was awesome! We won the match by 42 points to 20 and that is a hiding! We hope to see you some other time Ruben. Thanks for shaking my hand and signing my flag after the game too! We will always remember you by the way you played. Ruben was the first Kiwi to play more than 300 first grade games in the NRL and that is what you call a true Legend!! Or you could call him your Hero for Rugby League!


Sarah said...

hey, we have just been told, in New Zealand by our teacher to visit your blog. You are, I think a good writer and I think that is why we were asked to comment! A great post! Well done. I can see you quite admire Ruben Wiki from what you have written in your post.

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briar said...

Hi! my name is briar
I have to write an arguement on sports people and I was wondering whether you knew about any stupid or irrisponsible things that sports people have done recently.

Toreka said...

Hi there Tanielu,
That night was very interesting and also very sad.But Ruben was a very good player for the warriors though.But I feel very lucky because I managed to get my painted face in front of the camera.Plus I had Ruben sign my jersey.Fare well Wiki.Well done on your blogs.

Toreka Rm12