Sunday, September 7, 2008

Two Special Days In A Row

Man what an awesome weekend that was! First it was my dad's birthday and then the next day it was fathers day. It was awesome on my dad's birthday because we went to the movies and watched a movie called THE TEN COMMANDMENTS. It's a really cool movie. It's about one of the stories in the Bible and the book is called Exodus.

Then after we went to the movies, we went over to my uncle Mark's to play karaoke and watch the Warriors give the Eels a hiding!! (sorry to those who are Parramata fans) Then we had some dinner and it was an enjoyable night. The score was 28-6 and the 'Beast' Manu Vatuvei scored a magnificent hattrick!! I'll write up my report for this soon!

The next morning it was father's day (which was today) We went to Sunday school to learn about our Father in heaven (God) then we came back home and tidied up for when my mum's side of the family came over to celebrate father's day. We also had an enjoyable family lunch time and a yummy dessert. Then we went to watch a movie called Wall.E. We went to the Newmarket theatres.

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Megan said...

Hi i am megan from Teawamutu Intermediate. (you gave probably had lots of comments from us????)Sounds as though you dad had a really neat weekend. I know mine enjoyed fathers day, but a birthday as well? How cool. Nice blog by the way, cool idea having a poll going.