Thursday, September 4, 2008


My hero is a website on Google and it is totally awesome you can go on that website and there are many kinds on different heroes like sporting hero's and animal heroes and people in the public's heroes and well you get the picture oh and there are some short films as well there really cool and exiciting. My Hero the website RULE"S!!!!!!! and don't forget to go on it.

I Tanielu am in a group at school that we call the extension and we are making our own page and we choose our hero's and then we had to come up with a story about our hero. We had to make a movie about our hero and they looking absolutely fantastic!! I can't wait to show you my movie that I've created for you to watch. See you in the next story or you could call them post.

By the way COME ON PEOPLE VOTE FOR USAIN BOLT because I want him to be known as the biggest Olympian star in Beijing 2008!!!!


Manaiakalani said...

Hi Tanielu
I enjoyed reading your heads-up about the Heros website and am looking forward to seeing your movie.
I am not sure about you trying to influence our vote though :) May the best man win!
Mrs Burt

Sarah said...

Hi Tanielu,
Mrs Burt told me about your blog. I'm so impressed with all the posts you've written! What a lot of work you've done. Your passion for sport comes through in your writing. Thanks for sharing with us. Great work!
Sarah Jones, e-Learning Team, Ministry of Education

Tevita said...

Good vwork tanielu.You have being a hero mto room15 of being manu samoa boy.