Thursday, September 18, 2008

White Sunday

White Sunday is an event that takes place in every kind of church. It invavles many countrys that belive in God and in Jesus. Churches usely do this event on the day of there anivesery day. They speak the language that there church is. This event I'm not sure I can do it because we have to speak Samoan but I should know how to speak becase that is part of my Culture. THIS IS GOING TO BE COOL!!!!!!!


Mum said...

Hi there Tanielu! Yes White Sunday is an exciting day for all children involved.
A neat thing is is that all the children get to wear brand new clothing, and get served like Kings and Queens at the lunch that follows!

You are able to pronounce Samoan words very well. I'm sure that with more practice - reading the Samoan Bible, and regular chats with Nana and Papa, your Samoan will only improve! I know this works as this is exactly how I learnt to speak Samoan. It's such a precious thing - to be able to speak the language of the culture you belong to.

From primary school - through to high school, I loved being able to help children who had just arrived from Samoa. I helped them by translating what the teacher would ask of them, I think that that is possibly one of the reasons I became a teacher!

Tanielu I think that if you put your mind to this - the learning of your language, you will very soon be able to understand and use the Samoan language much more than you do today.

Tama lelei, to'aga ile aoga. Aua e te solomuli, ae ia fa'asaga a'e ou mata ile ala o lo'o fasino mai e le Atua.

Alofa tele

O Mum

pesroom10 said...

Hi Tanielu,
You are going to do a great job come White Sunday. I am at Ulearn and have shown some people your blog. They are very impressed. Keep up the great work.

Love Miss Lavakula