Thursday, September 11, 2008


Chirtstina stood on to the platform with fear. She was so nervous that she shivered as if two tons of the most coldest snow fell on her and it went fom head to toe. But as she was getting ready to jump she was full of nevers. It was the first time that she was goung to jump the tornado on the playground!! She thought it was now or never. So she jumped as if she was reaching for a vine to get away from a jungle that was jam packed with wild animals.She .................. JUST MADE IT!! as she swung with releive as if i was the 25th of Decmeber which means that it is Christmas . She went ime after time and it nwas like she was a proffeser of jumping on to the tornado all just from his first jump ever. As soon it was lunch time Chirtstina was the first person on the playground and she jumped time after time on the playground until the bell rang.

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